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Your Heart to a Loving God and Begin to Live in Gratitude

God is emotionally involved with us

God is emotionally involved with us. We do not serve a cold Greek philosophic god.

We serve a warm, kind Hebrew God who is similar to the image of man. He feels. For example, look at II Corinthians 1:3-4. God is encouraging. He has tender mercies. God desperately wants us to be melted into humanity, melted into a puddle of positive emotion by responding to His love.

God’s Love in fact pursues…read the rest

If you relate to this, the Connect section of our site is for you! Explore this section for free resources, books and media, video, audio, groups, news, and events about how to connect.

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Connect Media Store

BWGI has a number of resources to help you connect your heart to God especially if your relationship with God is cold and mechanical so you can begin to live in joyful gratitude and start Becoming What God Intended!

Becoming What God Intended Workbook

A Study for Spiritual Transformation by Dr. David Eckman You will discover how God has a deeply emotional attachment to us called “agape love.” His disarming acceptance of you creates character within your heart, and that character is sustained by deep gratitude. You can experience a happy and loving relationship with God the Father through the work of Christ.

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Connect Free Resources

Here is a FREE resource to get you started…

Connect Community

Join local biblical discipleship groups or the online community of others looking to Connect!

Connect Audio: About God and Forgiveness

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Bitterness is not blessed by God. Since God is an equal-opportunity forgiver, He wants us to imitate His ways. What the New Testament teaches about Jesus and His model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, put some very uncomfortable words in our mouths: “And forgive us our debts, or unmet obligations, as we forgive those …read the rest

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