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Your understanding of God’s Heart and Transform Your Heart to Joy and Peace

The God of Christianity is a wonder!

God is more nurturing and compassionate than the most nurturing and compassionate of women! Christ, the God-man, is more noble, courageous, and purposive than the most noble, courageous, and purposive of men. The God of Christianity is a wonder! The God of the Bible is deeply loving, profoundly complex, yet simple in nature and intent. God is a marvelous balance of character and compassion.

When we walk out of our problems, our moods, our desires, and walk into the Father’s presence and begin to sort things out in a personal trusting relationship with Him, the Spirit of God supplies the fruit of the Spirit called self-control. He supplies the positive, basic virtues of the Christian life: love, joy and peace. He does this as he sees us relating properly to God the Father.

If you relate to this, the Deepen section of our site is for you! Explore this section for free resources, books and media, video, audio, groups, news, and events about how to deepen.

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Deepen Media Store

BWGI has a number of resources to you relate properly to God the Father, start to deepen your understanding of God’s Heart and Transform Your Heart to Joy and Peace to start Becoming What God Intended!

Knowing the Heart of the Father

Four Experiences with God that will Change Your Life by Dr. David Eckman Harvest House Publishers Discover the all-encompassing love of your heavenly Father as he delights in you and sees you as who you are in Him. You can begin to know the heart of the Father in a deeper way as he works with these realities into your …read the rest

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Deepen Free Resources

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Deepen Community

Join local biblical discipleship groups or the online community of others looking to Deepen!

Deepen Audio: God is Father of the Family

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Sometimes we think God is accommodating Himself to us. We think that He sat up in heaven and asked Himself, “How can I communicate my acceptance and my spiritual agape love to mankind?” And then the light came on and He said, “I know! Since they already have families and since there are …read the rest

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