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Your heart from the bondage of temptations, compulsions and addictions

Addiction: A Compulsive Mindset

Addiction and its behaviors create a powerful compulsive mindset within an atmosphere of anticipation, moods, and self-absorption. The BWGI material is designed to attack that compulsivity by helping the person to create a completely different approach to the inner life. The Recovery Movement restructures a person’s life and relationships. It specializes in helping people with the life of the heart so that the dreadful scourge of temptations, compulsions and addictions can be nullified and replaced by the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, and peace.

If you relate to this, the Release section of our site is for you! Explore this section for free resources, books and media, video, audio, groups, news, and events about how to release.

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Release Media Store

BWGI has a number of resources to release your heart from the bondage of temptations, compulsions and addictions, and instead to train your heart live from the new identity in Christ not from the addiction identity.

Sex Food & God

Breaking Free from Temptations, Compulsions & Addictions by Dr. David Eckman Harvest House Book People from all walks of life give in to temptations and adopt patterns of compulsivity, secrecy and shame. David Eckman brings the matter to the heart, and reveals how and why unhealthy appetites grip people and trap them in a fantasy world.  Eckman explains how four …read the rest

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Release Free Resources

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Release Community

Join local biblical discipleship groups or the online community of others looking to Release!

Release Video: Why Do I Feel That I Can’t Live Without My Addiction?

There are many people who are struggling with addiction who feel they can’t live without it. That is a delusion, but a powerful one. The reason they have that delusion is because of how the mind’s chemistry works. As we go from a simple path of addictive behavior to a road, a super-highway in the mind, the more the mind …read the rest

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