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In both the Bible verses of the Old and New Testaments, redemption is personal and familial. In the Old Testament Law, family members were obligated to rescue a family member in trouble or avenge a family member who was killed. A person could only be rescued or redeemed by his closest family member (Lev. 25:48-49). If he became financially destitute, the family member paid off the bills and delivered him from poverty. If he was enslaved, the family member bought him out of slavery (Lev. 27:13-31). If he or she were killed, the family member avenged the death. The whole system of family relationships acting to rescue a relative was called redemption. The theological name for this system is called the kinsman- redeemer model. The kinsman-redeemer was the closest relative who was under the obligation to rescue. God is using that model of redemption to explain our salvation and our spirituality transformation that redeems us and helps us become who we are in Christ (Job 19:25; Isa. 41:14; 43:14). Money is not the motive, nor debit or credit. The heart of it all is family. Because we are his family members, God rescues us and is willing to satisfy His sense of justice concerning our sins.

This clip coincides with Chapter 4, Reading 2, of the Becoming What God Intended Workbook. It was originally broadcasted as a radio clip as a part of the weekly talk show of The Adventures of Amy & Larry, which aired on 100.7 The Bridge during the year 2003.

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