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becoming a certified bwgi trainer

New in 2017!  Do you want to be trained and equipped to teach life-changing, powerful and high-impact material by Dr. David Eckman? Or do you want to train on facilitating a group? Or do you want to lead a small group through a book by Dr. Eckman?  If so, this program is for you!   Tens of thousands of pastors, small-group leaders, lay leaders and enthusiastic participants all around the world have been transformed by this material and have trained others.   Now there is a systematic and effective way for you to be trained too.  


Through the BWGI online learning management system, you can become a certified BWGI Trainer.   You can become a certified trainer at three different levels Master, Silver and Bronze.

Master Certificate level is intended to equip people with the training they will need to fully train others in the 5-course material. 

  • Recommended for those that want to become a BWGI recommended and endorsed trainer to effectively teach the 5-course curriculum independent of videos.  With Master Certification you will get 1:1 mentoring support from Dr. Eckman throughout the program. 

Silver level certification will enable you to facilitate a Bible Study using any one of the 5-courses using BWGI books & videos.   

  • Recommended for those that want to be a BWGI recommended and endorsed facilitator either for a Small Group Ministry at a church or with an organization or with a small group of people.  Facilitators would not necessarily teach or answer specific questions on the material they would simply ensure that the groups are a safe and healthy forum for which to discuss the material.   They would not present the material but use the videos and the book(s) as the teaching tools.  The Silver level trainees will have the ability to ask Dr. Eckman questions and discuss topics with other certified members.  

Bronze level certification will allow you to have more in depth knowledge in a particular book.

  • Recommended for those who wish to learn for personal enrichment or to lead a small group through the book.  It is recommended that for larger, on-going small groups, that the individual become Silver Level Certified.

All of these courses have been developed by Dr. Eckman who was a pastor for over 16 and a former Vice-President & Dean of Western Seminary in the heart of the Bay Area, California. Sacramento & Oregon.

What is the content of the BWGI Certification?

Dr. Eckman has developed a 5-course curriculum which is comprised of:  

  1. BC101-   Foundations of the Spiritual Life   (Becoming What God Intended book)
  2. BC102-  Theology of Romans  (Setting the Heart Free book)
  3. BC103-  Head-to-Heart:  Experiencing the Father's Affection (Small Group Experience)
  4. BC104-  Theology of Emotions (Theology of Emotions & Becoming Who God Intended book)
  5. BC105-  Skills For Living (Skills for Living book)

For a more detailed look at each of the courses see below.  

How can I become certified?

Signing up and taking the courses is easy. Just decide which level of certification you want to pursue, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.  After purchase you will receive a user name, password and link to the BWGI online learning management system.  You can be trained either on a book, course or the entire 5-course curriculum.  Currently BC101 and BC102 is available with other courses to follow soon.

How does it work?

When you log on to our online learning management system, you will be assigned training materials based on the level you signed up for.  For each course you will do the following:

  1. Watch the videos which are typically 30-60 minutes each.
  2. Read the required reading for that course.  
  3. Answer questions for each chapter.
  4. For Gold-level certification you will be required to submit a video recording of you teaching the material.  

Everything will be done online so you would need either a computer or a tablet.  Any homework you submit will be reviewed by Dr. Eckman and the Master Certified Trainers.  You will have the ability to have group discussions with other students and ask questions that Dr. Eckman and the Master Certified Trainers will respond to.  

How long will it take to become certified?

It really depends on the level of certification as well as the time you put into the training.  For Bronze Level Certification (for a book) it takes anywhere from 1 - 3 months, again depending on how quickly you go through the book and answer the questions.  For the Silver level Certification (in one of the five courses) it would takes the equivalent of 2 semester units.  Normally it would take someone from 6-9 months to compete this certification.   The Gold or Master Level Certification would vary depending on the level of investment and is the equivalent to 2 units each for a total of 10 semester units for the 5-courses. 

A closer look at the 5-course curriculum:

BC101- Foundations of the Spiritual Life is a discipleship process that leads the student to live within the life of the Trinity so as to experience God as an Abba Father, Jesus as our Identity, and the Holy Spirit as our Helper.  The expected outcomes are deeply experiential and relational. These outcomes are such to mark the participant the rest of her or his life.
            • To deeply experience God as a nurturing, affectionate Father
            • To respond to His affection and love with love
            • To revel in our Identification with Christ and His more important identification with us
            • To recognize who we are is more important to the Father than what we do

BC102- Theology of Romans.  The purpose of this course is to teach how the contents of Romans created the
backbone for the material in the Foundation of the Spiritual Life Course. This is to create confidence in the student to live their lives out of Trinitarian Theology.   The expected outcomes are deeply experiential and relational. These outcomes
are to produce a certain kind of person:
           • With an ability to sustain a vital relationship with the Trinity
           • With a sense of excitement about the romance of redemption
           • With self-nurturing abilities
           • With relational skills
           • With communication skills

BC103-  Head-to-Heart:  Experiencing the Father's Affection (Small Group Process)
The Head-to-Heart: Experiencing the Father's Embrace Small Group experience may well be the most effective and most thoughtful group experience presently being practiced in the United States. It is truly transformational with long term positive results in the lives of the participants.  The expected outcomes are various, but the most common one is a deepening experience of God the Father’s love. Other outcomes are also significant:

• Experiencing the values and norms of a well-run group
• Sharing one’s life story
• Learning a healthy biblical transparency
• Managing emotions effectively
• Dealing with unhealthy instincts from family and cultural background
• Experiencing the different ministries of the Trinity
• Practicing healthy communication and recognizing poor communication patterns

BC104- Theology of Emotions surveys the Old and New Testament's description of the source, function and management of emotions. The purpose is to create a true biblical psychology for the benefit of pastoral counselors, Christian counselors and disciplers, and Bible teachers, As part of this we will examine the place of suffering and how Scripture powerfully addresses the pain of life.  The expected outcomes are three-fold:

• To understand what the Bible teaches on emotions
• To learn to manage our emotions better
• To further the development of a biblical psychology

BC105- Skills for Living is a secular version of a Christian mental health program designed to train counselors in the 60 mental health centers of the universities of Beijing. Skills serves as an introduction to mental health principles, and second, to create a bridge for sharing the Gospel. In this course parallel Christian books will be used to present the Christian context of the contents.
The expected outcomes are:

• To have a clear picture of what is positive mental health
• To be able to express this in a secular context
• To provide Biblical mental health training in churches

For more information or questions email webmail@bwgi.org