View and download the Head to Heart promotional video.

Head to Heart Promotional Booklet: The Booklet contains:

  • The first 3-sessions of the 22-session Head to Heart course (Session 1: The Hierarchy of the Heart, Session 2: Through Adam’s Eyes, Session 3: Through the Eyes of the Families of Genesis)

  • Link to three FREE 30-minute videos that accompany the first three sessions of the course.

  • Notes of the videos of the three sessions. Simply enjoy the video and don’t worry about jotting notes of the slides.

  • Instructions on how to start a Head to Heart course.

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Head to Heart Flier: Promote your Head to Heart course with these fliers. For a custom flier with the details of your course included email

H2H handout.jpg

Head to Heart Pamphlet: Download this pamphlet for things you need to know for "Starting your Head to Heart" course.

Interview Questions: Download tips on how to interview prospective participants.