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4. Read the Group Expectations
A. Maintain confidentiality • I will keep all information shared within the group confidential. B. Come prepared: • I will do my best to read the lesson, spend time on the reflection questions, life map and false pictures exercises. • I will try my best to attend each meeting. • I will try my best not to miss more than four sessions. • If I need to miss a meeting, I will let one of my group facilitators know ahead of time. C. Be a good listener: • I will respect others by listening well; this includes giving others ample opportunity to share, not interrupting someone who is speaking, and not “pushing” others to share. D. Practice wise transparency: • I will work at being open and honest about my thoughts and feelings. E. Be encouraging: • I will offer true encouragement and refrain from trying to fix others. • True encouragement involves affirming others, showing them compassion, and allowing other people to share their hurts without offering them false praise or “Christian platitudes.” • I will not offer advice unless someone asks for advice. F. Be accepting and patient: • I will offer others acceptance and be patient with them. • To the best of my ability, I will extend the same love and acceptance to others that God the Father has extended to me through Christ. • I will refrain from judging or shaming others. G. Have a desire to grow: • I have a desire to change and grow, and accordingly I will sort out things (e.g. my thoughts, feelings, desires, struggles) with God the Father and pray for the Spirit to open my eyes and the eyes of others to Christ’s love for each of us.