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Ineffective & Healthy Communication: 

Four negative ineffective communication patterns appear again and again, in our lives and in Genesis 3: blaming, placating, rationalizing, and distracting. Each of these patterns is a response to powerful emotions within, and under stress and during conflict we are especially likely to resort to one of these patterns. Healthy communication includes getting below the surface, to be able to describe what is going on inside of oneself and to learn to listen sympathetically to the other person. We describe two techniques to help improve communication: weather reports and weather radar reporting. 

Our Participation:

We have been privileged to be brought into the life of the Trinity. Like Christ God is our Father. The Holy Spirit is our partner. And we share in the identity of Christ before the Father. As participants in the Other-Centered Trinity we are called to be other centered. To do this we are to choose to imitate Christ's ministry on this earth in being sent, to serve, to suffer, and finally to ascend to Heaven to be with God. Further, we are to experience the life of Christ within - the life of blessedness. Blessedness goes deeper than happiness. Blessedness is participating in the emotional life of Christ.