Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of BWGI Ministries. The online donation process is very simple and safe. Start by selecting a support option below. If you would like additional information about BWGI Ministries, please contact us.

The General Fund - support the ongoing needs of BWGI Ministries, both in the N.America and in Southeast Asia.

  • Pastors and leaders in China trained by BWGI materials will encourage and strengthen congregations.
  • Small groups in China and the USA are reading and studying BWGI materials. Lives will be transformed.
  • Bible Schools and Seminaries in China will have the opportunity to use the Beijing Curriculum in Spiritual Transformation


Dr. Peter Wang Support

Dr. Wang is the director of development in Southeast Asia.  He will travel frequently to SE Asia to train and promote BWGI Material.


SE Asia BWGI Training Center & Team Support 

  • Support our SE Asia Team members who have dedicated their lives to further the work of Christ.  Funds would cover transportation & lodging costs as they travel throughout SE Asia
  • Donate $500 to provide a Training Center with a starter pack which contains (BWGI books, videos, power points and other resources)

BWGI Ministries, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit California corporation.  As such, BWGI can receive fully tax-deductible donations from supporters.  The ongoing expenses for the operation of this ministry are paid for by people like you, who contribute occasionally or regularly. BWGI also receives some limited income from the sale of books, audio tape series, and video tapes for small group and individuals. These materials are also available in our online store