Looking for a transforming experience?

Becoming What God Intended Ministries offers various seminars. Each one has a lasting impact on individuals and transforms their relationship with God.  While there are only five listed, there are countless topics that Dr. Eckman and the BWGI Team can present.  Just ask!

We have a team of talented and and experienced presenters who will make any seminar an event to remember. Email webmail.org or call 925.846.6264 for more information on seminar bookings for your church or organization.

Setting the Heart Free- Walking & Living Through Romans

This seminar focuses on freeing the heart from guilt and worthlessness so a believer can experience an adult relationship with God, which is not based on performance. This results in an ability to live the Christian life with lasting gratitude.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships flow out of healthy identities, compassionate listening, and other-centeredness. The seminar teaches attendees how to acquire such abilities, and what it means to be made in the image of God. It goes on to address what it means to be male and female.

Sex, Food, and God

Discover how a healthy spirituality directly challenges addiction. This seminar addresses four of the most common addictions that cause individuals and ministries to fall: food, sex, alcohol, and gambling. Identifying gender differences in regard to addictions, it equips participants with biblical principles that have proven effective for breaking addiction.

Healthy Leadership

This seminar presents biblically based principles of leadership for the leader, the team, and the congregation. Everything flows out of our identity in Christ. It goes beyond sterile principles to show how the leader can influence others through relationship, goal-setting, and creating a healthy leadership environment.

Creating a Healthy Family

This seminar is an excellent outreach event, partnering BWGI Ministries and sponsoring churches with a community. The event consists of a three-hour community lecture on family relationships, followed by seven weeks of small group meetings. The small groups are formed from interested participants after the lecture. (Typically, more than a third of those who attend the lecture choose to join a small group.)

Setting the Heart Free- A Walk Through the Book of Romans

Dr. Eckman and the BWGI Team can also teach on topics from any of these books:

  • Becoming What God Intended
  • Knowing the Heart of the Father
  • Becoming Who God Intended
  • Head to Heart
  • Sex, Food and God- the Struggle for the Heart

Email webmail@bwgi.org or call 925-846-6264 for more information.