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Head to Heart is a small group discipleship process that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  During the 22-weeks participants will:

1. )   Read the material and do the assignments   2.)  Watch the video together as a group or individually depending on the format of your group.     3.)  Break out into gender specific small groups

  • Identity a Group Leader and Facilitator(s)

    • The Group Leader is the coordinator of the event who will lead the group overall. They would typically promote the group, find and lead the facilitators, find a venue, order the books, begin each meeting.

    • A Facilitator would be in charge of leading the small gender specific small group.

  • You will need at least 5 people to start a group. (see Minimum participants required section) If you are unable to find 4 other people to join you, email for info on groups near you.

  • You will need the materials listed below under "Materials needed".

  • Share the details of your group for BWGI to help advertise & promote. Email: Promotional materials are also available just click "H2H Promo Material".

what you'll need to start a group today

Details of the Head-to-Heart Experience

Overview of a Head-to-Heart Session

Agenda                                             Time Required                   Time Elapsed

Teaching Time (watch video)                 30 min                                30 min

Gender specific small group time         1-1/2 hours                           2 hours

Teaching time can be together as a group or individually at another time.  For example, if you would like to run Head to Heart during your 1hr Sunday school class you could have participants watch the videos on their own.  The Sunday school would then just be for the gender specific small group time. 

1.     Before the Class: Throughout the 22-weeks participants must read the text (5-7 pages) and answer the Reflection Questions. Participants will also work on the False Pictures Exercise and complete and present their Life Map to their small group. On average it is about one hour a week to complete the assignments.

2.     Minimum participants required to start: One of the key elements of the Head to Heart process is the creation of a safe, small group environment. All participants will be together for the Teaching Time section and then they will break out into gender specific small groups.  

  • The minimum amount of participants required to start a group would be 3 participants and 2 facilitators. Note that they must be the same gender, not mixed. If your group is small, you can identify 1 facilitator and designate someone in the group to facilitate in their absence.

  • The gender specific groups should be no more than 6 participants and 2 facilitators for a total of 8. If you would prefer to have only 1 facilitator make sure that you designate someone as a backup in their absence.

  • Having more than 8 people would not give all participants ample time to share during the 1-1/2 hour Gender Specific Small Group Section.


The leader would then have to sign each participant up for the Head to Heart course.

  • Total cost per participant $85

The course would include a 212-page workbook and 23- videos. Only the Head to Heart Leader kit can be purchased online.  The materials for the participants must be purchased by filling out the H2H Group Form.  Click here.

The Head to Heart workbook contains excerpts from five other books.  The price of the book takes this into consideration.  The five books are:  Becoming What God Intended, The Struggle for the Heart-Sex, Food & God, Creating A Healthy Family, Healthy Relationships, Becoming Who God Intended and Knowing the Heart of the Father.  Head to Heart includes new material not contained within those five books.

what you'll need to get started

  • Identify a Group Leader who will promote & coordinate the program.

  • Promote the Head-to-Heart Experience using the Promotional material that you can download in the "H2H Promo Material" section.

  • Interview prospective participants. Interview questions can be downloaded from the BWGI Website in the "H2H resources" section.

  • Determine the total number of participants. Divide the groups into 3-6 participants and 2 facilitators or 1 facilitator and a back-up. The gender specific groups should be no less than 4 and no more than 8 total.

  • Identify enough facilitators that would lead the gender specific small group discussions. For every gender specific group we recommend 2 facilitators or 1 facilitator and a back-up. Having 2 facilitators would ensure that at least 1 facilitator is present to lead the group should one not be able to attend.

  • Pick a day and time that would work best for the participants. We recommend that you coordinate a snack or meal element into your meeting time.

  • Find a meeting place that would be big enough to seat all the participants and also have enough rooms for each gender specific group. Given the need to create a safe environment ensure that groups have privacy.

  • Have video & audio equipment set up for each session to be used for the Teaching Time.

  • Purchase the Leader Kit and materials for the participants

  • The on line videos are available on Vimeo for the duration of your program. Group leaders must advise BWGI Ministries of the start & end dates of the group. We do not recommend that the group extend for more than 6 months so as to ensure continuity and development of the small groups. The videos can be made available offline so participants can watch the videos without the need for Internet connection.

  • Need more info? Just email us

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ’s

  • What age is Head to Heart appropriate for? Based on the level of vocabulary in the content we recommend Head to Heart to those that are 16 and older.

  • Should new believers (less than a year) go through this? The main question question that should be asked is “does this person have a desire to grow?” If the person, whether a new believer or an older one, is just interested in learning more and not necessarily in growing, they probably should not join. The main determinant as to whether a not a person should join is whether or not they have a desire to grow. New believers can join as a participant but should not facilitate in their first year of Head to Heart.

  • Should we have Head to Heart in place of our normal Sunday school time? We don’t recommend this because Head to Heart should really be something the individual chooses to participate in versus something they were forced to study. Unless each participant has a desire to grow and understands the expectations of Head to Heart, we recommend that you run a Head to Heart group separate from a Sunday school meeting.

Email to find a Head to Heart group in your area. 

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