What people are saying about Dr. Eckman. . .

“Isolates the issues people have and gives solutions in a way that’s fresh and pro-foundly biblical.”—Josh McDowell, author of over 150 books

“God has given David powerful insights to help people discover who they are in Christ and show them what a huge difference this truth can make in everyday life.”—Chip Ingram, President, Walk Thru the Bible Ministries; author of The Invisible War

“This material has a well deserved reputation for being used by God to bring positive change through the creative application of the Word of God. It has been created by a man, David Eckman, who is not only a committed student of the Word of God, but one who has lived out the principles he presents in the difficult fabric of life and demonstrated the truth of them.”-Dr. Earl Radmacher, Distinguished Professor of Theology & President Emeritus of Western Seminary

“How many Christians really know that their heavenly Father likes them and has a passionate delight in them? That His love is not based on how well they perform? That if they are struggling with addictions, God is not there to punish them but to bless them?” “The beautiful, inspiring message woven throughout Sex, Food, and God is that God is not distant, but close—and wants to be our heavenly Father, even our ‘Daddy.’ ”—Bob and Geri Boyd, Issues in Education

“David Eckman is a man you can trust…His teaching resonates with God’s wisdom and compassion.”—Stu Weber, author of Tender Warrior & Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart

“I can personally testify that Head to Heart is a powerful discipleship process that can bring spiritual, emotional and relational health. You will also develop some deep friendships along the journey. I recommend every leader and member of our church to participate in this spiritual growth opportunity.”-Steve Quen, Senior Pastor, Bay Area Chinese Bible Church

Head to Heart is having a great impact on our church leadership and even on my preaching.  Almost daily we are using the truths we are learning in counseling and even casual conversation with others.  It has become so clear that there can be such difference between what people say they believe and what they really believe in their heart.  I have a better understanding of what questions to ask and how to help people uncover deeper issues that are keeping them from being fruitful in their walk with Christ.
I don’t know how many times our staff has said, “That person needs Head to Heart!”  What I love most about the material is that there is no mixing with worldly psychology methods.  Dr. Eckman has highlighted and greatly emphasized the eternal truths about the love of God the Father, the sufficiency of the Son’s sacrifice, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Helping people replace lies with these truths is both powerful and life changing.  I have to admit that this is the first discipleship material I have found that has clearly emphasized the connection between truth and emotion.  In an emotionally driven culture, I am now much more able to minister to people in a way that fosters both spiritual and emotional healing. -Steve Feden, Sr. Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fluvanna, VA

Jack J.

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David Eckman's teachings have changed my life more than that of any other ministers'. Great, insightful man of God. Thanks for your work in the Kingdom!

Eddie L.


"My spiritual life (my daughter's, too) has been transformed since I heard your sharing. I have been reading your books Knowing the Heart of the Father and Becoming What God Intended."