Experiencing the Father's Affection

Experiencing the Father's Affection

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Last month we emphasized our work in Asia. This month we are going to share our work concerning  North America. We are working with three teams, one English speaking, another Cantonese speaking, and the third is Mandarin speaking. They are all working on our Head to Heart Discipleship Program. This is a 21-week intensive spiritual life program involving small groups. There are two key people in the project. One is Sid Niemeyer, a pastor at Valley Community Church in Pleasanton, California, and the other is Mary Tsai, she is a licensed professional counselor as well as a BWGI certified Master Trainer. Sid is leading the program at his church which has 60 believers participating. We are videotaping the sessions so it can be used all over the English speaking world.

Mary leads the team comprised of a Cantonese and Mandarin group. They are working on the project so that it truly addresses the false instincts that people from the Chinese culture bring into their Christian experience. For example, in traditional Chinese culture and common among Chinese today is the instinctual belief that a gift creates a reciprocal obligation. Simply put, any gift should be matched by a return gift of equal value. When a Chinese person believes the Gospel and hears it is a gift, they may well view salvation as an immense if not infinite obligation. So the gift designed to liberate the heart and spring forth deep gratitude may actually have the opposite effect of producing a slave mentality and a performance based response. The beauty of the Head to Heart Program is that it is designed to change the false instincts of the heart into Gospel instincts. It has been marvelously effective in doing that for tens of thousands. Another very exciting aspect of this is that what we are doing in the USA will almost immediately become available in China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

The Cantonese team has a two-fold purpose: they are working on the Head to Heart Program and in addition they are being trained in the Becoming What God Intended twelve-week spiritual foundations course. Their intention is to introduce that course to the Cantonese speaking churches of the Bay Area. We will be working with them in promoting that project.


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