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Connect your heart to a loving God and begin living in joyful gratitude.
Confront your broken family past and break any feelings of guilt, shame, or worthlessness.
Deepen your understanding of God's heart and transform your life to joy and peace.

Release your heart from the bondage of temptations, compulsion or addiction.
Restore your self-worth and identity in Christ as you grasp God's radically loving plan.
Receive biblical insights to sustain a healthy relationship with God and others.

Becoming What God Intended Ministries is a dedicated team of Bible teachers and counselors who are committed to the belief that the Bible – understood and applied – will bring health and healing to individuals and families. We minister through books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars and online media— video courses and webinars.

Our content is the life work by Dr. David Eckman who has spent over 40 years in Biblical research. He is an instructor in the disciplines of spiritual life formation, and he has spent countless hours counseling and discipling individuals. The result is a uniquely gifted individual who effectively communicates God’s truths to a hurting world.

David grew up in a dysfunctional family. He found emotional freedom when he finally experienced how God truly loved him. At Western Seminary, he has been involved in extensive teaching, discipling, and counseling for over 40 years. In 1997 he co-founded BWGI Ministries, which fosters spiritual transformation through helping people understand who they are in Christ.

David Eckman, Ph.D., has been a pastor for 16 years followed by 7 years as a Dean and Vice-President for Western Seminary in San Jose and Portland. He holds an M.Div., M.Th., and Ph.D. He has studied at Oxford University in England working on his doctorate, and received his Ph.D. in Old Testament and Hebrew from Golden Gate Seminary. He is an author of numerous books and an international speaker and educator. He has authored Becoming Who God Intended, Knowing the Heart of the Father and Sex, Food, and God among other highly regarded and impactful books.