God Is Not A Scorekeeping god
(The Villages, San Jose, CA August 4, 2019)

“How We See, Is How We Live.™” at B.A.S.S. Convention March 9., 2019 by Dr. David Eckman

The Son Shines On Everyone
(The Villages, San Jose CA July 28, 2019)

Jesus Fulfills the Law
(The Villages, San Jose, CA July 21, 2019)

The Folly of the Gospel
(The Villages, San Jose, June 30, 2019)

Look Again at the Cross!

(Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church, Pleasanton, CA Dec 16, 2018)

Part of this sermon is shared both in our monthly newsletter as well as in Session 8-The Father’s Vies of the Cross of the Head to Heart program.

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One With Him- Together Forever (Creekside Community Church, Alamo, CA January 21, 2018)

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The Blessing of Suffering (The Villages San Jose, December 2014)